Our Philosophy

Genuine hospitality means love for the stranger who comes to your place and the feeling of honor while he passes through your doorstep.
Also, the responsibility to provide him with the ideal conditions for an absolute stay and the joy of achieving it.


Who We Are

Hi, I am Irene. I was born and still live in the beautiful town of Chania. I love reading a good book on the beach on a sunny day, enjoying my drinks in one of the ambient cafés in Chania together with friends and good music, traveling, meeting new people from around the world, and sharing my experiences with them.

Together with my family, we have created a warm, beautiful place by renovating this historical neoclassical building to make it a warm, welcoming holiday home for you.


Hotel’s History

Until the end of the 19th century, the area of Halepa, was a summer resort for wealthy locals. Everything began to change in October 1878, when the famous “Halepa Convention” was signed in the house of the elder Kostis Mitsotakis. It was an agreement between the Ottoman government and the Revolutionary Assembly of the Cretans that ended the hostilities between the two sides on the island. At the same time, semi-autonomy and privileges were given to the Christians, who played a key role in the development of a new bourgeoisie in the area and the transformation of this resort into a political, commercial and cultural center on the island.

In the years to come, expatriate Cretans, men of spirit, merchants and politicians, rich and wiser from the experiences and contact with the European culture, return. They build their homes, typical architectural examples of the time, in this area, where consuls and other consular officials of the most powerful European Nations have already been installed. The once aristocratic suburb and resort of the wealthy locals is now transformed into a center of diplomatic activity and a true piece of Europe. At this time, the Piagalakis family returns to Crete to settle permanently in Halepa, from where they begin their international olive oil and soap trade business.


The Residence

The original idea of creating Camara Residence was conceived in 2016. The concept was the construction of a small unit of seven rooms different from each other, but with a basic similarity, the harmonic blend of a modern minimalistic line and the traditional character of the existing building. Any changes had to be very careful and precise, giving a tasteful and ergonomic result.

The green garden and the flowerbeds with the roses and the aromatic herbs in the front of the building, as well as the lemon, orange and mandarin trees in the back, complete the image with all sorts of perfumes and a lot of green.


The Building

During the construction of the residence of Emmanuel Piagalakis in the 1880s the best quality materials of the time were chosen by the best artisansKizilcham wood (Red pine) was used exclusively to give a result that would last for a lifetime.

Characteristic example of their work is the internal wood-carved stairway, perfectly preserved to this day. The heavy double-sided door of the central entrance with the cast-iron knocker that decorates the building, counts nearly 140 years of life. The beautiful stone gate, with the obvious marks of time on it, restored with respect to become yet another architectural jewel.

Enjoy Unique Hospitality


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